The centuries-old olive trees on our masseria offer us their precious fruit every year, which is hand-picked and rigorously cold-pressed to become an extra virgin olive oil with authentic Apulian scents.

Winter Capsule

A few elements made in Masseria Moroseta for your Christmas: textured and minimalist candle holders, a limited edition granola enriched with dried fruits and winter spices, and finally our much-loved Extra Virgin Oil Panettone.


Masseria Moroseta’s cuisine is based on seasonality, territoriality and experimentation.

Moroseta Ceramics

A collection born by combining the simple and materic aesthetics of Masseria Moroseta with the artisanal tradition of Apulian ceramics.

Ciro Ceramics

Entirely handmade by a small artisan workshop in Grottaglie.


From the olive trees of our Masseria, we produce a line of bio cosmetics for the health and beauty of your body skin.
The most important ingredient is our organic extra virgin olive oil.

Something Sweet

Discover Giorgia’s new book.