Masseria Moroseta is authentic hospitality, combined with a project for a farm on a human scale.

For us, hospitality is the sharing of experiences, among which the kitchen plays a central role: food has the ability to unite people beyond all distinction, thrilling each with authentic flavors.

Our olive trees, vegetable gardens, orchard and small henhouse offer us their products every day, which vary according to the season.

We accompany them with a selection of the best raw materials, favoring fresh local, organic and seasonal products.

Our cuisine is based on the knowledge of Apulian traditions, to be enriched with scents, techniques and suggestions from our travels around the world.

From this comes the desire to go beyond traditional schemes, privileging creativity and research.

For this reason, there is no menu, as we ask our guests to trust us, letting our chef Giorgia guide them in a different gastronomic journey every day.