Build your dream home in Puglia

Perhaps you have previously been a client of Moroseta Homes or spent a few days in Puglia at Masseria Moroseta.

Perhaps you were driving through the countryside or exploring the historic centers of the region’s stunning whitewashed towns.

Let us help you make your dreams a reality

We have built numerous houses in the last few years. We have strong relationships with local builders and technicians, and we have the expertise to perfectly maintain the house, just as they are depicted in the initial rendered images.

We are a multifaceted company, and you can join us at any step along your process.

Contact with local real estate agents

We have a good rapport with real estate agents in the region. Many of them don’t have international connections, and often their webpages are not up to date. We are personally in contact with all the most trustworthy real estate companies to explicitly and clearly communicate your wishes. We are at your side throughout the process of buying land or an already-existing property.

A pool of talented architects

Our architects can design your dream house and address any design questions or concerns you may have. Our development vision for Puglia is clear, respectful and sustainable, whether that be in the middle of the countryside or the middle of a city. We will listen and take into account the client’s wishes, the sustainability principles of the building, the land, and the type of house, creating a unique design that showcases our distinguishing aesthetic principles.

Managing your project from start to finish

This includes finding the right builder – one who is both reputable and reliable, in terms of time and pricing. We also seek out the best local artisans, skilled in the region’s traditional techniques. Additionally, we can pinpoint the best markets and shops to source singular pieces of furniture that will compliment and add a timeless allure to your space.

And we will remain at your side once the building is finished

The end of the construction process is only the beginning of the life of your dream home. If you’d like, our relationship can continue. Our reliable and experienced staff can manage your property for you. This can include advertising, promoting and managing all the bookings for your rental property, cleaning, taking care of the grounds and pool, and anything else you may need. You can rest assured that your dream home is in good hands.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in discussing the possibility of us helping you search for your ideal property in Puglia. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and desires, and the possibilities of working together. We are here to answer any and all of our questions regarding the entire process, from start to finish.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. For an overview of the properties currently for sale in our portfolio, please click here:


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