About Us

Masseria Moroseta was born out of love: love for a unique land, for the open sky, for fragrances that open up your heart,
for simple tastes… as simple as true love can be.

Wrapped up by a glorious landscape

Built around a courtyard with arches, white painted sandstone walls and limestone floors, Masseria Moroseta is built like a typical “Pugliese” farmhouse, but with the modern enhancements of solar power, green building techniques and energy saving insulation.

A Soul made up of Tradition

As you drive down an old country road lined with century old olive trees, you will come to Masseria Moroseta, a white stone house standing proudly on a ridge overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the nearby town of Ostuni. Built with local materials and using traditional techniques, its modern architecture was influenced by the great estates of the Puglian countryside. Surrounded by five hectares of organic olive groves, the farmhouse is an enclave of tranquility and rural simplicity.