17 – 22 November 2021

Join us for an extended, deep experience of healing, transformation and joy.
A yoga retreat to focus on yourself and connection with others, while opening your heart to nature’s peaceful energy and invigorating environment. Experience delicious, healthy food.
“Retreating” into our space and time will remind you of the life worth living. The powerful healing practice and the light playfulness, coupled with peaceful nature, local tradition and kind people will give you a truly meaningful experience.

About the yoga practice

We adhere to the classic principles of the Hatha Yoga tradition, while enriching our practice with the magic of other yoga methods and philosophy.
Dynamic sequence of hatha vinyasa flow focused on:
1_alignment, movement and synchronized breathing
2_strength and Grace
3_opening and flexibility
4_steadiness and effortlessness
Pranayama – The science of breathing will be our fundamental tool to calm the mind and to awaken our energy force, or Prana.
Chanting and Meditation Devotion and Stillness will be our friends to discover our inner source of faith, compassion and gratitude.

About food

First of all we want you to enjoy the delicious local food and
we will do so by “blending” together traditions from Puglia
and different Cooking styles, like:
_grain free cooking
_ayurvedic cooking
_raw vegan cooking
_macrobiotic cooking

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