YOGA RETREAT IN PUGLIA From 20 Until 25 November 2019

20 – 25 November 2019


Find your inner source of strength and clarity, joy and light.

Join us for an extended, deep experience of healing, transformation and joy.
A yoga retreat to focus on yourself and connection with others, while opening your heart to nature’s peaceful energy and invigorating environment. Experience delicious, healthy food.
“Retreating” into our space and time will remind you of the life worth living. The powerful healing practice and the light playfulness, coupled with peaceful nature, local tradition and kind people will give you a truly meaningful experience.


07:30 am: morning meditation and chanting
08:00 am: yoga class
10:30 am: brunch
11:30 am: food talk with Alessia
12-5 pm: time for treatment; massages or private counselling session.
Or time for the beach and village excursions and other activities, or to be alone for personal research…reflecting… reading… etc.
12-5 pm: also open kitchen, take a look at what Alessia and Giorgia are
05:00 pm: yoga class
7:30 pm: dinner


We adhere to the classic principles of the Hatha Yoga tradition, while enriching our practice with the magic of other yoga methods and philosophy.
Dynamic sequence of hatha vinyasa flow focused on:
1_alignment, movement and synchronized breathing
2_strength and Grace
3_opening and flexibility
4_steadiness and effortlessness
Pranayama – The science of breathing will be our fundamental tool to calm the mind and to awaken our energy force, or Prana.
Chanting and Meditation Devotion and Stillness will be our friends to discover our inner source of faith, compassion and gratitude.


First of all we want you to enjoy the delicious local food and we will do so by “blending” together traditions from Puglia and different Cooking styles, like:
_grain free cooking
_ayurvedic cooking
_raw vegan cooking
_macrobiotic cooking


Federica Clemente is a yoga Alliance certified instructor who has practiced and studied Mysore Ashtanga, Iyengar and other forms of yoga.
With a background in professional dance, craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing, Federica brings to her classes, workshops, and retreats a wealth of background information in the mechanics of alignment, dynamic movement, energy flow and effective healing techniques.
Most importantly, she teaches with an attitude of fun, playfulness and open acceptance – after all, laughter is the best medicine!
Currently Federica is studying to be a Gestalt Therapist to nurture and develop her ability to help others in their journey of healing, transformation and living a happy and fulfill life.


Alessia Beltrame is an Italian chef who have been working and living between Copenhagen and London for the past 7 years. Her interest for food developed in childhood growing up in a family where almost everything they ate was organic, locally grown and handmade. After having studied American and Russian Literature in University she decided to follow her passion and she got a degree in Pastry and Baking at the Gambero Rosso Academy in Rome. After a few years working as a pastry chef in different Michelin star restaurants such as Noma in Copenhagen she decided to move to London looking to expand her culinary knowledge outside of the fine dining world, working as a savoury chef and doing research and development for a fermentation company. After a 3 years stint working with Ottolenghi’s alumni Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich at their Honey and Co. group she decided to focus on her freelance career studying holistic nutrition and working as a private chef for clients with autoimmune diseases in partnership with a doctor. She also writes articles and food columns for publications such as L’Officiel Italy and she is working on a cookbook about Friuli Venezia Giulia cuisine, where she was born.

Alessia believes that every person is different but that some rules should apply to everyone: eat the best available product around you, eat seasonal, get to know your suppliers and eat mostly plant based.
Masseria Moroseta already applies this philosophy on their daily basis offer and Alessia’s approach resonates with it.
You can expect a true farm to table vegetarian experience that will


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