Wellness in the Masseria

Treat yourself to a holiday of total relaxation in a corner of Mediterranean paradise.
Let yourself be pampered in our SPA complete with Jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath.
Massage Type What’s included Price
This delightful massage is a treatment for the whole body that focus on your painful areas, using organic oil. We can combine it with hot stones upon request. 60’’ 80€
SHIATZU Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork from Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping and stretching techniques and is performed without oils. A non-invasive therapy that may help reduce stress and contribute to overal wellbeing. Proponents believe that it has both preventative and remedial effects. 60’ 100€
AYURVEDIC MASSAGE A treatment aimed at recovering energy and functional balance to the body, mind and soul. Essential oils will be used. 60’ 100€
4 HAND MASSAGE For a relaxing experience, you will be massaged by 2 expert masseurs at the same time, using organic oil. 60’ 160€
DEEP BACK MASSAGET This massage helps relieve pain of back and neck contractions, using organic oil. 60’ 80 €
Services What’s included Prezzi
RITUAL APLINE SPA LUX FACE + BODY Facial Treatment with rare and precious, active ingredients for tired and a dry skin. A deep antioxidant and regenerating action.
Body treatment with a stimulating and relaxing ritual. Natural essences, herbs and flowers promote circulation, relax the muscles, drain excess fluids, soothe rheumatic and joint pain. 90’
130 €
TREATMENT HY-TECH FACE AND DECOLTE’ De-contracting intensive treatment plumping out wrinkles with Hyaluronic High Tec 60’ 120 €
Massage Type What’s included Price
SPA for two, 70′ 70 €
LIQUID MIND A shock action to shake off tiredness and fatigue with oriental rituals. spa route with shiatsu massage or relaxant lasting about two hours in which the therapist works in line with the receiver, to identify, alleviate & dissolve the tensions accumulated during the year.
PURE MIND Begin a path of purification, starting from the body with the right inputs: restore well-being ‘inside and outside’. A series of rituals such as hand & foot baths, scrubs & masks, focusing on action, detoxifying and anti-aging, using Mediterranean plants, some picked that day from our farm, together with the spa path to facilitate the final result: a new you.
SWEET MIND Relax and let yourself be pampered return to being a child. The therapist will accompany the you in a load path of emotional experiences during your spa experience. Hand & foot baths with herbs of the mediterrean bushes during the sweet and comforting massage.

P.S. We recommend you to perfom the rituals in couple.