Benvenuti in Due Tufi

Probably you have been already a client of one of the Villa’s of Moroseta Homes or you spent a few day in Puglia at Masseria Moroseta.

Maybe you were just driving with your car in the countryside or in the historical center of the amazing white cities in the area.

Maybe you are just dreaming about a peaceful place where the nature is the main characteristic, or imagining to learn how to cook like no one else in Italy can.

Due Tufi is the bridge between your dreams and the realization of them.

We know what we are talking about, we built many houses in the last years, we know the builders, the technicians and we know how to maintain the house perfect as in the first rendering images.

Due Tufi is a multidisciplinary company and you are able to jump on board on anytime of your process.

  • Due Tufi is a collector of real estate agent.
    Due Tufi is connected in the region with many real estate agent. Many of them don’t use international collector and sometimes also their webpage is not up to date. Due Tufi inform personally all the most trustworthy real estate companies about your wished and follow you up in all the process in buyin the land or an exhisting property.
  • Due Tufi is a collector of good architects that will be able to design your dreamhouse and answer to the design question you don’t want to answer.
    We have a clear vision of how Puglia has to grow in the countryside or in the city center. The client, his wishes, as the land or the typology of the house, will create a unique design that has in common with the others the aesthetics principle that we trust
  • Due Tufi is managing your project also during all the more technical stages.
    Looking for the right builder, the big one but also the one you can trust in term if time and prices. The best artisan in the area to work wood, metal, and all the antique techniques typical of the area. The best markets and shops to get the right piece of furniture that will add value to the architectonic space
  • Of course, Moroseta Home, is a collector of these beautiful houses, houses that also with the time that passes looks always proper.

If you are interested in working with us on your property search, we are happy to discuss your wishes and needs, and we may answer all your questions regarding the entire process.

Please feel free to contact us without any obligations.
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